Professional Service

Lersion offer one stop solar system solution to our customer, including technical consultancy, design, optimized configuration solution of solar inverter, storage energy battery, off grid solar power system, EV charging station.

Our sales and Technical Engineer after sales teams:

1. Professional team quality: The sales and after-sales technical team has a broad and in-depth knowledge reserve, and a deep understanding of various aspects of the company and industry. Members not only need to be familiar with product operation processes, product performance, common problems, and solutions, but also master new technologies that are constantly evolving, and provide reasonable solutions based on customer feedback.

2. Clarify responsibilities and tasks: The sales and engineer after-sales technical team has clarified their responsibilities and tasks. For example, responsible for solving customer problems, providing technical support, repairing after-sales products, etc., to ensure the smooth completion of various tasks.

3. Team communication and exchange: Members of the after-sales technical team work closely together and actively connect with sales, engineering, and other technical teams to achieve multi-party collaboration. Establish good communication channels, share information resources, mobilize the advantages of all parties, and provide users with fast and accurate services.

4. Standardized management system: To ensure the work efficiency and management effectiveness of the after-sales technical team, a standardized management system is formulated. For example, strictly implementing after-sales service regulations, establishing a user profile information quality tracking system, ensuring timely and effective processing and completion of fault orders, etc.



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