1. Application of MCU in Solar inverter
The purpose of Solar inverter is to use Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology to extract the maximum possible power from the solar panel and feed back clean energy to the power grid, which requires that the power level voltage and current must be accurately sampled, and the power switches in DC/DC and DC/AC need to accurately generate pulse width modulation (PWM). The realization of these functions requires the assistance of the main control MCU. At the same time, MCU also provides overload and short circuit protection for inverter circuits, as well as more intelligent functions, including external communication, data transmission, human-machine interaction, etc. MCU is undoubtedly an indispensable core component in photovoltaic power generation control inverter systems Application of MCU in Solar inverter 1. Inverter drive: With the ultra-high main frequency of 288MHz and the advantages of rich high-performance peripherals, it can efficiently handle complex control algorithms of inverters, replace DSP, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Three advanced timers can output three-phase complementary PWM waveforms to meet the high-frequency waveform requirements of sine wave inverter. Three 12 bit high-speed ADCs with a sampling rate of up to 5.33Msps are more conducive to accurately measuring the voltage and current of the panel, meeting the high-precision control requirements required for the inverter drive circuit. 2. Communication and HMI: The main frequency can reach up to 240MHz, and the SRAM can be configured to a maximum of 224KB. It can efficiently handle various communication and HMI interactions, meeting the needs of more intelligent control such as inverter communication with the outside world and human-machine interaction SPIM can connect to QSPI flash, with a transmission rate of up to 90MHz, and can quickly store logs and other data 3. Monitoring module: A 12 bit 15 channel high-speed ADC with a main frequency of up to 120MHz and a sampling rate of up to 2Msps fully meets the needs of high-speed data acquisition, minimizing the shutdown time of the photovoltaic system, and ensuring system safety. The Lersion MCU Solar inverter has the characteristics of intelligence, safety, efficiency and high reliability, which can improve the power quality, provide more stable and less harmonic pure current for the power grid, and ensure the security and stability of the power grid and improve the power generation efficiency of the system. Lersion MCU, with its advantages of high efficiency, high stability, and high cost-effectiveness, has created safer, more efficient, and intelligent photovoltaic application solutions to help promote green, low-carbon, and sustainable development in society.
2. What kind of chip does MCU chip refer to
MCU chip refers to a microcontroller chip, also known as a microcontroller chip. It is an integrated circuit that integrates the central processing unit (CPU), memory (ROM, RAM), and various peripheral interfaces (such as input/output pins, timers, serial ports, etc.). Simply put, an MCU chip is like a small computer, integrated with a processor, memory, and various functional modules. It is a chip specifically designed for controlling and executing specific tasks, commonly used in various electronic devices and embedded systems. Compared to traditional general-purpose microprocessors such as CPUs in computers, MCU chips are simpler and more specialized. It is usually used to perform specific tasks, such as controlling household appliances, automation systems, intelligent devices, automotive electronics, medical equipment, etc. Due to its high integration, low power consumption, and small size, MCU chips are widely used in various IoT devices and embedded systems. MCU chips have the following characteristics: High integration: The MCU chip integrates multiple functional modules such as processor, memory, and peripheral interfaces, allowing the entire system to be completed on a small chip. Low power consumption: MCU chips usually adopt Low-power electronics to extend battery life or save energy. Strong real-time performance: MCU chips usually need to respond to external events and signals in real-time, with high real-time performance and response speed. Easy to use: MCU chips provide a rich development tool and environment, allowing developers to easily program and develop applications. High cost-effectiveness: Due to high integration and functional specialization, MCU chips are relatively inexpensive and suitable for large-scale applications and cost sensitive projects. Overall, MCU chips are specialized chips that integrate functions such as processors, memory, and peripheral interfaces, commonly used in various electronic devices and embedded systems. It has the characteristics of high integration, low power consumption, strong real-time performance, and high cost-effectiveness, providing strong control and execution capabilities for various intelligent devices and IoT applications. Lersion solar inverter import lots of tier A brand MCU chips , has the characteristics of intelligence, safety, efficiency and high reliability, which can improve the power quality, provide a more stable and less harmonic content of pure current for the power grid, while ensuring the security and stability of the power grid and improving the power generation efficiency of the system.
3. What is your company strength?
Strong R&D Team Headquartered in Shanghai, Lersion R&D team has over 50 engineers. Relying on Shanghai's rich talent resources and innovating mechanisms, through deep cooperation with Shanghai universities, we design and continually improve solar inverters and battery circuit,and have obtained over 30 patents.
4. What is your product advantage?
1-300KW Full Series Solar Inverter available Germany Infineon IGBT Module America DSP Chip Technology ️Color Touch screen *More Durable*More Safe* more stable *High End LiFePO4 & Gel battery Expert Grade A Lithium Battery Long cycle life >6000 cycles High Efficiency & Fast Charging Intelligent Battery Management Compatible with Various Inverters
5. How do you control the product quality?
a) For materials, we have IQC departments and the IQC testing follow MIL-STD-105E standard. b) In production have 4 times function testing. c) All of our products with 100% burn-in testing. d) 100% QC testing before delivery.
6. Do you accept OEM/ODM?
Yes, we do.
7. Are you factory ?
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