Strong R&D Team

Headquartered in Shanghai, Lersion solar product R&D team has over 50 engineers. Relying on Shanghai's rich talent resources and innovating mechanisms, through deep cooperation with Shanghai universities, and most important with 12 years accumulated manufacture experience and feedback /advice from our trading partner /customer. we design and continually improve solar inverters and battery circuit, BMS technology, We have obtained over 30 patents. 

off grid solar inverter / MPPT solar controller 

*Built in German Infineon IGBT module and high-frequency pulse width modulation technology PWM provide higher inverter efficiency, reach 95%.

*America Advanced DSP chip, MCU, DDC real-time processing full digital control technology, can effectively ensure the accuracy and fast operation of the core system.

*Silicon Control Rectifier ( SCR) module technology.

*Innovative main circuit design, significantly improving EMC and EMS performance.

*Efficient MPPT solar charging controller technology, reaching 99%.


LiFePO4 & Gel battery Expert 

*Grade A brand new Lithium Battery

*Long cycle life >6000 cycles

*High Efficiency & Fast Charging

*Intelligent Battery Management

*Compatible with Various Inverters

We have passed ISO9001-2015certification, CE certification, RoHS certification, LVD certification, and EMC certification.

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