Lersion Family Care

1、 Gain a deeper understanding of employees

Although there is an employment relationship between the company and its employees, Lersion still goes deep into the grassroots work of employees to see what help they need when performing tasks, provide timely assistance, and solve their difficulties in a timely manner.

2、 Career

Lersion organizes planned training for employees, technical and literacy aspects such as solar power generation;

Internal recruitment is required, and priority can be given to internal selection. Those with the ability can be promoted and promoted.

3、 Deep communication

Only with a good mood can one better engage in work. So, companies caring for employees can engage in spiritual communication with them, with the keen observation ability of leaders, insight into employees' expressions, and empathize and educate them based on their emotional changes. The most important thing is to timely regulate low emotions to prevent negative emotions from spreading.

4、 Carry out fun activities

Life requires passion, work requires passion even more. Most employees spend more time in the office than at home. Therefore, activities can be carried out based on employees' interests, with interesting content and diverse forms, and reasonably matched with timing and frequency. The activities and material rewards complement each other, which can enrich employees' lives and achieve the purpose of motivation.

5、 Creating a comfortable working environment

As mentioned above, employees spend too much time in the office, so creating a comfortable working environment is crucial. Especially in newly renovated offices, there may be residual shells of formaldehyde to some extent.

6、 Caring for employee health

Purchase various types of insurance such as pension insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. for in-service employees;

Provide comfort and care when employees are sick and on leave. Employees' children who attend school and fall ill can take paid leave.

7、 Valuing employees' spiritual advice

Employees are a part of the enterprise, valuing their opinions and suggestions, and granting them the right to manage and control their work freedom can not only play a positive role in improving the satisfaction of employees' spiritual treatment, but also stimulate their work morale.

8、 Caring for employee families

Only with a stable nest can one work hard and fully on the battlefield. So:

Every year, employees are required to undergo physical examinations to ensure that they are healthy and can better engage in work;

Understand the actual difficulties faced by employees' families, such as encountering major illnesses, and collaborate with the company to organize donations.

9、 Festival care

On birthdays, organize employees to help celebrate their birthdays and send blessings;

Send SMS thank-you, blessings, and greetings to employees during holidays and festivals.16pic_4911811_b_副本.jpgu=624421675,3327092337&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG.webp微信图片_20230608111116.jpg微信图片_20230608111123.jpg微信图片_20230608111143.jpg微信图片_20230608111152.jpg微信图片_20230608111221.jpg

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