50KW Solar Power System Commercial Solution

Brand: Lersion

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 2-15 days

Supply capacity: 5000

50KW 60KW 70KW 80KW 90KW available
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50KW Solar Power System Commercial Solution

50KW Off Grid Solar System for Farmland/Sawmill/Flour mill

Lersion new energy is factory of solar inverter and battery (lithium and lead acid). Based in China, we have a closed partnership with world class PV manufacturer such as Longi, JA solar, Jinko to supply first tier PV module. Meanwhile with 12 years' experience in solar industry, we know more about the whole industry chain of solar system and can offer you high quality solar kits/parts at very competitive price, to optimize your solar system configuration and lower the first investment for your solar system as much as possible.

off grid solar power system

 1 Electrical Load Reference List 

Electrical ApplianceRated Power (W/pcs)Quantity (pcs)Working HoursTotal (W)
LED bulbs205088000
Microwave oven100010.5500
Water heater200010.51000
Microwave oven1000122000
Total electricity consumption:90590

Note: above home loads for reference only , actual power consumption will be different according different family. it is flexible and advice to consider extra more configurations in case of future load increase.

 2 Off Grid Solar System Configuration 

solar panel18 pcs24 pcs30 pcs600W/6H
hybrid 3 phase inverter1 pcs1 pcs1 pcs192V/220V/360V/384V
Lithium battery7 pcs9 pcs11 pcs51.2V/200A
cable & accessoryoptionalaccording actual need
solar bracketoptional
energy storage 18pcs*600W*6H≈64.8KWH24pcs*600W*6H≈86.4KWH30pcs*600W*6H≈108KWH

Note: above configuration is reference only, the 50kw off grid solar power system design will be depended on: 

  • PV: local sunshine duration,power /pcs, efficiency

  • battery capacity: customer planning back-up  demand

  • inverter: the maximum loads etc. 

for more solar system configuration suggestion, pls contact our sales team by WhatsApp/email.

3 Introduction To System Composition:

Solar Panel

world-class technology

  • Brand: Longi /Jinko/JA Solar/Lersion 

  • Efficiency : Up to 22.2%

  • Power:428W -690W

  • 30 years life time  (CE RoHs TUV SGS)

  • Anodized aluminium alloy frame  tempering Strong anti-cracking

  • Terminal block:IP65 with MC4 connector

  • Efficiency performance :25 years 80 % 20 year 85% 10 years 90%

50KW solar power system for school
50KW solar power system for supermarket

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

● Intelligent Maximum power point tracking technology;

● DSP chip control, high precision, high efficiency;

● Adopting IGBT technology and PV wide voltage range input;

● High definition color touch screen, convenient for understanding the working status of the machine;

● Three stage charging technology to extend battery life;

● Photovoltaic/battery anti reverse connection protection/short circuit protection/over current protection;

● The parameters can be modified online and adapted to various work scenarios;

● Activate the lithium battery functio

PV combiner box

● High voltage DC circuit breaker

● Max current 10A for each input array

● Counterattack protection for each array

● High-voltage lightning protection device

● IP65 Protection, suitable for outdoor installation

off grid solar power system
50KW solar power system for school

IGBT module Three Phase Inverter

  • Builted in MPPT,high efficiency 99.5%

  •  America new gerneration DSP chip microprocess technology

  •  LVD/HVD/Charging voltage adjutable, suitable for kinds of battery.

  • Battery overvoltage / low voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature protection, etc;

  • high-definition color touch screen, beautiful appearance; 

  •  Automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, switch time ≤ 3ms.

  • Two years warranty, 10 years lifespan design

  • automatical*intelligent*durable

Home energy storage battery

  • LiFePO4(wall mounted /racked /stacked optional) 

  • Grade A lithium battery

  • Long cycle life >6000 cycles

  • High Efficiency & Fast Charging

  • Intelligent battery management system

  • Compatible with Various Inverters

50KW solar power system for supermarket
off grid solar power system

Cable and accessory

● Optional for buyer

● 25mm2*2M battery cable

● 25mm *20M 2)4mm2 PV cable 200M (black+ red) 

● 1set MC4 Tools ,PV terminals and MC4 

PV Bracket

● Optional for buyer

● Aluminum Alloy frame + Fasteners Material SUS304.

● Slope Rooftop  or Flat rooftop

● 30 Years Service Life. 15years warranty

● Easy Installation

50KW solar power system for school

4 Installation instructions for 50KW off grid photovoltaic system: (below is for reference only ,different project has different detail diagram))

1. Photovoltaic panel installation: Every 11 photovoltaic panels are connected in series, divided into 10 groups. The connected photovoltaic panels are connected to the corresponding combiner box, which then connects to the PV wiring port on the MPPT controller;

2. MPPT controller installation: PV+is connected to the input positive pole of the photovoltaic panel, PV - is connected to the input negative pole of the photovoltaic panel, BAT+is connected to the positive pole of the bitter battery pack, and BAT - is connected to the negative pole of the battery pack. The positive and negative poles cannot be reversed or shorted,

3. Battery installation: The battery is connected to the DC Input port on the inverter, with+being the positive pole and - being the negative pole. The positive and negative poles cannot be reversed or shorted; 

4. The inverter configured in this system has a mains bypass function, so it can connect mains power to the ACInput port. When the battery is low, the inverter will automatically switch to mains power to continue supplying power to the load; 

5. The AC OUTPUT port of the inverter is an AC output port that can be connected to AC loads. 

6. The data cable of the display screen system is connected to the RS232 interface on the inverter.

50KW solar power system for supermarket

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