DN600 6KW Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter

Brand: Lersion

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 7-30 days

Supply capacity: 200000

1 Power frequency scheme design
2 The inverter adopts MCU microprocessor fully digital SPWM control technology, with pure sine wave output.

DN600 6KW Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter

D series single phase hybrid inverter/solar inverter

1 Product Featrues:

  • Power frequency scheme design, pure sine wave output, suitable for various types of loads;

  • Ring type transformer, low loss while no-load condiction;

  • Wide input voltage range and high-precision output;

  • Three mode can be set, battery type, charging voltage and current configurative.

  • Battery overvoltage / low voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature protection, etc;

  • Built in MPPT controller, higher charging efficiency;

  • It can be used as unattended function and more humanized (optional);

  • Lightning arrester can be installed (optional);

  • Built in or external WiFi monitoring (optional);

  • LCD screen design, more accurate and intuitive display and simple operation;

2 Application

off grid solar inverter6KW off grid solar invertersingle phase solar inverteroff grid solar inverter6KW off grid solar invertersingle phase solar inverter




base station




No electricity areaField equipment

off grid solar inverter

3 Technical Parameters

Inverter modeDN150DN200DN300DN400DN500DN600
Inverter with
controller mode
Rated power1500W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W
Battery voltage24V/48V48V
Size:(L*W*Hmm)430*320*175560*400*200 / 560*450*230(100A)
package size
500*390*245630*470*270 / 630*520*300(100A)
AC input range110V:85-138VAC;220V:170-275VAC
Input frequency45Hz~55Hz
Output voltageinverter mode:110VAC/220V±5%;AC mode:110VAC/220VAC±10%;
Frequency range
(AC mode)
Automatic tracking
Frequency range
(inverter mode)
Over load capacityAC mode:(100%~110%:10min;110%~130%:1min;>130%:1s;)
inverter mode:(100%~110%:30s;110%~130%:10s;>130%:1s;)
Peak current ratio3:1max
Conversion time<10ms(Typical loads)
WaveformPure sine wave
Efficiency>93%(80% resistive loads)
Battery overvoltage protection,battery undervoltage protection,overload protection,
short circuit protection,overtemperature protection,etc.
built in solar charge controller(adjust)
Max charge current40A50A60A100A120A
Battery voltage24V/48V24V/48V24V/48V24V/48V24V/48V
PV input voltage
Max PV input24V:960W

Cooling methodFans cooling
environmental conditions
(Battery life decreases at ambient temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius)
Operation humidity<95%(without condesing)
Operating altitude<1000m(with increase of 100m,it will reduce output of 1%) max5000m
Noise<58dB(distance to machine 1m)
*The above data is for reference. If there is any change, please refer to the real object.

4 Working mode

D series single phase inverter transformer based unit has three working modes:

DC priority, AC priority, ECO mode

4.1 DC Priority (Must be connected with batteries) 

D series single phase inverter transformer based unit has two working modes: The inverter converts DC input current from either the PV panels or battery bank into AC current to supply the load. When battery voltage is low, the inverter will automatically switch to the main input power (grid/generator) to supply to the load. The system automatically switches back to DC after the batteries are charged again.

4.1.1 PV with battery bank (when PV is sufficient)

6KW off grid solar inverter

4.1.2 Battery only (when PV is not available, but battery power is sufficient)

single phase solar inverter

4.1.3 AC only (when PV is not available, and battery power is insufficient)

off grid solar inverter

4.2 AC Priority (must be connected with batteries)

While the AC input is stable, the inverter works in bypass mode to supply power to the load and charge the battery pack at the same time. When the AC input is too high / too low / serious distortion / abnormal frequency / fault, the system will automatically switch to the battery inverter to supply power to the load. Once the AC input has been stabilized, the system will switch back to bypass mode to supply power to the load automatically

4.2.1 PV is sufficient, AC power is available

6KW off grid solar inverter

4.2.2 PV is sufficient, but AC power is not available

single phase solar inverter

4.2.3 AC power is available but PV is not available

off grid solar inverter

4.2.4 Both AC power and PV are not available

6KW off grid solar inverter

In the energy-saving (ECO) mode, after the equipment is started, the load is automatically detectedWhen the load is bigger than 5% of the rated power, the inverter tums on the AC output to providepower to the load: When no load is detected, the inverter will automatically return to the search modeto minimize the energy consumption of the battery bank. ln this mode, the inverter detects the loadevery 10 seconds to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

5 Introduction of Display Panel

single phase solar inverter

① PV input +

② PV input-

③ PV switch

④ Battery breaker

⑤ Rs23 interface(optional)

⑥ Battery +

⑦ Battery -

⑧ Intelligent fan

⑨ INV output protection fuse

⑩ Charger input protection fuse

⑪ AC input G/N/L

⑫ AC output G/N/L

⑬ AC output socket

6 Installation Site Case 

Our factory have produced more than 500000 to clients all over the world, we welcome more trader/wholesalers/agent to visit our factory for detaill business exchange.

off grid solar inverter

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