Backup UPS

Brand: Lersion

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 2-15 days

Supply capacity: 150000

High power UPS
IGBT module inside

Backup UPS

Products Features:

7-inch touch control screen
Power Range: 10-200KVA (PF=0.8) (3/3)
Battery voltage: 192/360/384vdc
Input voltage: 208/220/380/400/415Vac (Three phase)
Output voltage: 208/220/380/400/415Vac (Three phase)
Wifi module monitor(Option)

Products Parameters

CP10K----CP200K(Three-ins and Three outs)
Battery Voltage384V396V
UPS effciency80%
Noise level48~54dB(Distance 1m)53~60dB( Distance 1m)53~62dB(Distance 1m)54~65dB( Distance 1m)
Weight(Kg)(Excluding battery)20023526031533547048056073087011601210
InputVoltage3phases 4 wires and ground, 380V±25%
Power factor0.8
Voltage3phases 4 wires, 380V±1%
Frequency50Hz/60Hz±0.05%(By Battery)
Harmonic distortionLinear Load<3%, Non-linear Load <5%
Imbalance voltageBalance load=1%,Imbalance load =3%
Phase shif angleBalance load=1%,Imbalance load =2
Transient responseOutput at 0~50%~100%=5%, response=10ms
Overload capacity110%≥300Min,125%≥10Min,150%≥1Min
Crest Factor3:01
Wave FormPure sina wave
Transfer time0ms
BatteryMax.charging current30A
Charging time (Standard)12hours

Protective functionInput over-voltage, under-voltage; output overload, shortcircuit;
Inver over-temperature; Battery under-voltage, over-voltage
Running temperature & Humidity0-40 degree Celsius, Less than 95%(without condensing)
Altitude<1000m(with increase of 100m, it will reduce output of1%)max 4000m
Communication interfaceRs232
Remote signalingDry contact (batterylow, battery discharging, bypass/fault),EPO
Remote controlEPO and bypass
Degree of ProtectionIP20( front door opened)
Parallel modeN+1、N+X、can be in parallel with different power capacity
Software interfaceWindows9x、2000、NT、Me、XP、Linux、Novell、Macosx、NT4.0
Mean time between failures300,000 Hours
OptionalDustproof & dampproof, Isolating inverter transformer, lightning surge absorption,
static switches, manual maintainence switch
Display7 Inch Touch Screen System

Factory Show

Foshan Manufacture Base
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Solar Energy Team Spirit
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Once Cooperation Service Forever
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