CPN 20KW IGBT Module Solar Inverter

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Product origin: China

Delivery time: 2-15 days

Supply capacity: 400

customized is acceptable (for example: split phase, different power, anything)

CPN 20KW IGBT Module Solar Inverter

CPN Series 3 Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter 20KW

1 Product features

1. The three-phase high-power power frequency sine wave inverter is made of modules such as IGBT and PMI, and is used in various electrical environments.

2. High definition LCD screen, easy to achieve human-computer interaction, view device operation data and working status, and support operation records

Query and related parameter settings for.

3. The inverter adopts DSP chip microprocessor fully digital SPWM circuit control technology, with sine wave output,.

4. Power frequency architecture design, quality isolation transformer, support for three-phase unbalanced load, and complete machine conversion up to 92%


5. The complementary function of urban electricity enables seamless switching between batteries and urban electricity, with optional urban electricity charging function and three-stage charging (constant current

Constant voltage, floating charge), suitable for various usage needs and effectively extending the service life of the battery.

6. 2-3 times the peak power, carrying capacity, and can adapt to capacitive, resistive, inductive, and mixed loads.

7. City power priority, battery priority, energy-saving mode optional, and with unmanned function.

8. Equipped with complete protection functions for battery overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature, overload, and short circuit.

9. Equipped with S232/485 extended communication interface and communication module, it is convenient for users to remotely manage the power generation system.

2 Application of CPN 20KW

IGBT module solar inverter20KW solar inverterThree-phase solar inverterIGBT module solar inverter20KW solar inverterThree-phase solar inverter
Residential Hotel Villa Ship/island Farm No electricity eara Factory

3 Application Diagram of CPN 20KW

IGBT module solar inverter

4 Technical Parameters

Battery voltage192V/220V/360V/384V220V/360V/384V360V/384V
package size
AC input range380VAC±20%
Input frequency45Hz~55Hz, 55Hz~65Hz
Output voltageinverter mode:380Vac±3%;AC mode:380Vac±20%;
Frequency range
(AC mode)
Frequency range
(inverter mode)
50Hz/60Hz ±0.1Hz
Over load capacityAC mode:(100%~110%:10min;110%~130%:1min;>130%:1s;)
inverter mode:(100%~110%:30s;110%~130%:10s;>130%:1s;)
Peak current ratio3:1max
Conversion time<10ms
WaveformPure sine wave
Harmonic distortionLinear load<3%;Non-linear load<5%
Balance load voltage<±1%
Imbalance load voltage<±5%
Isolation typeoutput isolation
battery capacityIt depends on the use
battery numberIt depends on the use
environmental conditions
(Battery life decreases at ambient temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius)
Operation humidity<95%(without condesing)
Operating altitude<1000m(with increase of 100m,it will reduce output of 1%) max5000m
Noise<58dB(distance to machine 1m)
Display7inch touch screen system
RS232,(485、Network remote monitoring options)
*The above data is for reference. If there is any change, please refer to the real object.

5 Introduction Of Display Panel

20KW solar inverter

①SEQ indicator;

②Recitifier indicator 

③Bypass indicator;

④Inverter indicator;

⑤Output indicator;

⑥Battery indicator 

⑦Press:Main power priority

⑧Press: Silencer 

⑨Fault indicator ;

⑩LCD touch screen;

Introduction of Terminal

Three-phase solar inverter

①AC input switch

②DC input switch

③AC output switch

④Ground wire connection(AC input)

⑤AC input connection

⑥DC input connection,+ for positive and - for negative

⑦AC Output connection

⑧Ground wire connection(AC output)

6 Working Mode of 20KW

CPN series triphase inverter has two working mode: DC Priority and AC Priority 

1. DC Priority 

The inverter converts DC input current from either the PV panels or battery bank into AC current to supply the loads. When battery voltage is low, the inverter will automatically switch to the main input power (gr/generator) to supply power to the load. The system automatically switches back to AC after the battery are charged again. 

(1) PV with battery bank

IGBT module solar inverter

(2) Battery only

20KW solar inverter

(3) Only AC power

Three-phase solar inverter

2. AC Priority 

While the AC input is stable, the inverter works in the bypass to supply power to the load and charges the battery pack at the same time. When the AC input is too high / too low / serious distortion / abnormal frequency / fault, the system will automatically switch to the battery inverter to supply power to the load. Once the AC input has been stabilized, the system will switch back to the bypass mode to supply power to the load automatically.

(1) PV, AC power and battery bank

IGBT module solar inverter

(2) Solar power and battery bank

20KW solar inverter

(3) AC power and battery bank

Three-phase solar inverter

IGBT module solar inverter

(4) Battery only

20KW solar inverter

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