GT 30KW Energy Storage Solar Inverter

Brand: Lersion

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 2-15 days

Supply capacity: 150000

1 Germany Infineon IGBT module.
2 ​America new generation GSP chip technology.
3 50 engineers R&D teams, self-design and innovation circuit & system.
4 plus 12years factory manufacturer experience, customer feedback improvement.
*high-end * more safe * more stable *long lifespan

GT 30KW Energy Storage Solar Inverter

GT Series 30KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

1 Product Features

6 core technologies, high-end core casting, achieving extraordinary quality

01 Customized military transformer

Military isolation transformer with low heat generation and long service life

02 Customized high-definition LCD display screen

Intuitive, convenient, touch and press button, easy to operate, and more practical

03 Military Quality Circuit Board

Independently developed, well-known brand electronic components, precision SMT process

04 Imported IGBT module

Imported industrial grade IGBT power module, resistant to high voltage and impact, without burning the machine

05 Four intelligent modes available

City power priority mode, battery priority mode, sleep energy-saving mode, unmanned (optional)

06 Unique AVR voltage stabilization technology

Wide frequency and voltage input, high-precision voltage stabilization output, capable of receiving and transmitting motors

WIFI remote monitoring(optional)

2 Application of 30KW Inverter

solar inverter for schooloff grid solar inverterPV solar inverter for farmlandsolar inverter for schooloff grid solar inverterPV solar inverter for farmland
HouseHotel Ship/island FarmlandNo power areacommerce

3 Application Diagram of 30KW Inverter

solar inverter for school

4 Technical Parameters of 30KW Inverter

Inverter modeGT080GT100GT120GT150GT180GT200GT250GT300
Hybrid off grid inverter  modeGTM080GTM100GTM120GTM150GTM180GTM200

Rated power8KVA10KVA12KVA15KVA18KVA20KVA25KVA30KVA
Battery voltage96V/192V192V/240V/360V240V/360V
package size
AC input range110V:85-138VAC;220V:170-275VAC
Input frequency45Hz~65Hz
Output voltageinverter mode:110VAC/220V±5%;AC mode:110VAC/220VAC±10%;
Frequency range
(AC mode)
Automatic tracking
Frequency range
(inverter mode)
Over load capacityAC mode:(100%~110%:10min;110%~130%:1min;>130%:1s;)
inverter mode:(100%~110%:30s;110%~130%:10s;>130%:1s;)
Peak current ratio3:1max
Conversion time<10ms(Typical loads)
WaveformPure sine wave
Efficiency>95%(80% resistive loads)
Battery overvoltage protection,battery undervoltage protection,overload protection,
short circuit protection,overtemperature protection,etc.
built in solar charge controller(adjust)
Max charge current50A60A100A120A
Battery voltage96V/192V96V/192V96V/192V96V/192V
PV input voltage
Max PV input96V:4800W
Cooling methodFans cooling
environmental conditions
Battery life decreases at ambient temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius
Operation humidity<95%without condesing)
Operating altitude<1000m(with increase of 100m,it will reduce output of 1%) max5000m
Noise<58dB(distance to machine 1m)
*The above data is for reference. If there is any change, please refer to the real object.

5 LED Color Touch Screen of 30KW Inverter

off grid solar inverter

 ON/OFFLong press to start the machine,Long press to shut down the machine;

PV indicator: indicator will be on when PV is available, and will be off when PV is not

available. When PV voltage is low, PV indicator will be off after flashing for 1

hour.(The built-in controller has this function.)

 Main power supply is always bright ,no main power is no bright.

Inverter indicator: will be on when working under inverter mode.

PV module parameters: display the current PV module input voltage, current,

power parameters;(The built-in controller has this function)

Displays the mode status of the current machine ;

Battery parameters: display the current battery voltage, the percentage of

capacity parameters;

Mains input: shows the current power state input voltage, frequency parameters;

Click here to access the Settings menu;

Load percentage: Displays the current inverter output voltage, frequency parameters;

6 Working Mode of 30KW Inverter

.Working mode GT series IGBT design transformer based solar power inverter has two working mode: DC Priority and AC Priority

6.1. DCPriority The inverter converts DC input current from either the PV panels or battery bank into AC current to supply the loads. When battery voltage is low, the inverter will automatically switch to the main input power (gr/generator) to supply power to the load. The system automatically switches back to AC after the battery are charged again.

(1) PV with battery bank

PV solar inverter for farmland

(2) Battery only

solar inverter for school

(3) Only AC power

off grid solar inverter

6.2. AC Priority While the AC input is stable, the inverter works in the bypass to supply power to the load and charges the battery pack at the same time. When the AC input is too high / too low / serious distortion / abnormal frequency / fault, the system will automatically switch to the battery inverter to supply power to the load. Once the AC input has been stabilized, the system will switch back to the bypass mode to supply power to the load automatically. 

(1) PV, AC power and battery bank

PV solar inverter for farmland

(2) Solar power and battery bank

solar inverter for school

(3) AC power and battery bank

off grid solar inverter

(4) Battery only

PV solar inverter for farmland

7 Connection Diagram of 30KW Inverter

solar inverter for school

off grid solar inverter

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